Minnesota State Fair is set to begin this Thursday, August 26th.  Last year the fair was competely cancelled except for the drive through part to get some of the favorite fair foods.

This year there was a lot of talk about how there could be some COVID protocols and mandates. That did not happen.  What is recommended is to wear a mask when indoors at the fair, but it is not mandatory. Many events in Minnesota will also require a vaccine or negative COVID test, the fair will not require that; but again it is recommended.

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There have been about 200 vendors that have pulled out of the fair.  This actually happens every year due to whatever situation per vendor.  Generally the fair will replace those vendors will others who are on a waiting list to have their booth included.  This year, the fair organizers decided not to replace those vendors.  This will provide some extra spacing around the fairgrounds  That way people will hopefully have some area to spread out a bit more than in other years.

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the highest attended fairs in the United States.  This year will look a bit different than in other years.  They are not looking to break any attendance records. And some features have been removed for this year.  The Miracle of Birth center will just have newborn animals, not the actual birth.  The River Raft ride won't be returning this year, or the bumper boats, or the big sandbox.  And the Giant Sing-Along won't be available this year either, because it probably wasn't a good idea to have several people all singing into the same microphone.  

If you are heading to the fair this year consider going on a weekday- those days usually have lower attendance numbers.

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