Indulging in a basket of delicious French fries is pure sensory bliss: biting into the golden, crispy perfection on the outside, soft and fluffy within, each bite releasing a burst of flavor that leaves you longing for more. I'm drooling just thinking about it! ;)

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There are a ton of stellar places to get fries in Minnesota, but where can you find the absolute best?

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This spot is so popular, they serve up 400,000 pounds of potatoes annually. I'm sad to say that I've never had these fries... yet!

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A recent article was put together to find the best fries in each state, and what's most impressive about the 400,000 pounds of potatoes served up by this Minnesota company is that they make that many French fries in just TWELVE days!!

That was a huge hint for you right there. You read that right, in just 12 days, this company serves 400,000 pounds of potatoes, 3,000 gallons of oil, and about 25,000 lbs of ketchup! Holy moly.

Who takes the crown for best French fries in Minnesota?

Sadly, you'll have to wait quite awhile to get a taste of Minnesota's best French fries. Six months to be exact.

The Fresh French Fries stand at the Great Minnesota Get-Together has the state's best French Fries. "The stand takes just-harvested local potatoes and turns them into some of the crispiest and fluffiest in the country." - LoveFood.

Founded in 1973. Fresh French Fries has been serving delicious, fresh-cut fries at the Minnesota State Fair for over 50 years now. Our first name is Fresh, and that's our top priority! We only use homegrown, Minnesota potatoes from Big Lake, picked just days before they are cooked. Our commitment to freshness has made us a beloved institution at the fair, and we're proud to continue serving you the Best French Fries in America.


Over the years, our operation has grown from small, street-side portable booths to much larger, permanent buildings containing state-of-the-art equipment. As our buildings grew, so did our extended FFF family. Today, we have employees whose parents once worked for us, and we've become an essential part of the fair's community.

- Fresh French Fries

Have you had their fries? I'm def adding them to my food bucket list now! Starting the six month countdown now. To see the best fries in other states, click here.

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