There are some fabulous burger places in Minnesota!

I'm partial to Hot Chip in Rochester. That Dusty, How Do You Like Your Bat?! Get in my belly. Those pickled jalapenos and a side of sweet potato tots - yummm!!

But, what is the absolute best burger place in Minnesota?

Coming in at #4 - King's Place Bar and Grill in Miesville.

This is a little gem outside of the cities! So many burger choices…. The burgers were juicy and delicious and the burger patty was the star. The beef flavor clearly came through with the other flavors being side notes. - Brandi on Google.

#3 Lions Tap in Eden Prairie.

One of the best damn burgers I've ever had! - Sean on Google.

#2 Matt's Bar and Grill in Minneapolis. Home of the original Jucy Lucy.

If you are anywhere near the twin cities and have never had the original Juicy Lucy, drop whatever you’re doing and head to Matt’s - Jonathon on Google. 

Matt's is consistently making lists for the best burger places in Minnesota, but it wasn't the number one place - at least not according to this article.

All of the above places were mentioned because they have stellar Google reviews. The number one place also has amazing reviews, but was actually hand selected by 24/7 Wall St. They put out an article crowning the best burger joints in each state.

The best place in Minnesota?

#1 The Nook in St. Paul.

So flavorful and juicy served on a bakery bun. Pretty sure this is the best burger I've ever been served. It was perfect. - Shannon on Google. 

According to the article, "Guy Fieri has paid a visit here, and loved the massive burgers covered in traditional toppings. The specialty, though, is a choice of stuffed burgers with various fillings – one of which is named after, yes, Guy Fieri (it’s stuffed with pepper jack and topped with roast beef, shredded cheddar, and bacon). The restaurant is connected to a bowling alley, so customers can have fun while – or before or after – they eat."

Sounds fabulous!!

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