As we know... times change... we change... which means laws SHOULD change. Well, there are still A LOT of dumb, silly, odd, or whatever you want to call them, laws that are associated with Minnesota according to Let's take a look and see how many of these we have broken.

  1. You can't cross the state line with a duck on your head
  2. According to the State Law, Nursing Homes and Senior Centers are only allowed to host BINGO TWICE a week.
  3. You can't be in the road if you are looking for a business or looking for a ride
  4. Minnesota "Declares Mosquitoes Public Nuisance"
  5. It's against the law to stand around a building without any reason to be there
  6. You can't cross over to Wisconsin with a chicken on your head
  7. Your bathtub MUST have feet
  8. If you own an elephant you can't park it on Main Street
  9. No kid under the age of 12 years old may talk on the phone without a parent supervising. (Blue Earth, Minnesota)
  10. A wife can't cut her own hair without her husband's permission
  11. Men who drive motorcycles must have a shirt on
  12. Farmer's can't sleep with their animals (specifically pigs, cows, horses, goats, and chickens)
  13. If you are a male and live in Brainerd, by law, you must grow a beard
  14. If you throw a hoop skirt (not sure if they still exist) into the street or on the sidewalk, you'll be fined $5
  15. If a cat is found stray, a police officer must kill it
  16. It's against the law to allow any animals to sleep in bakeries in Duluth
  17. You can't tease skunks
  18. If you own a red car, it's against the law for you to drive it on Lake Street in Minneapolis
  19. This one is true as of 2010! You can't be charged with drunkenness or public drunkenness
  20. Eating a hamburger on Sunday is against the law in St. Cloud
  21. If you kill a rat and bring its head to a town office, they'll give you 10 cents for each one.
  22. Cow owners in Wayland can keep their cow on Main Street for 3 cents a day
  23. Do you have some mud on your tires? Well, it's against the law for you to drive your vehicle on Minnetonka streets if it leaves behind mud!

After doing some more research I found out that according to LOLWOT, there are three more laws that weren't talked about above.

  1. No Airplanes can be parked in city parks
  2. It's against the law to walk down an alley
  3. You can't sleep naked in the state of Minnesota

So are these wacky or what? Have you broken any of these laws? Let's chat inside the station app!

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