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Iowa's Field of Dreams, and Iowa itself, will finally host a Major League Baseball (MLB) game this August. Just a few hours south of Rochester, Minnesota, outside Dyersville, Iowa, the Field of Dreams ball field is famous for the movie by the same name.


Hollywood built the field on two family farms for 1989's Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, and it still stands today. The Field of Dreams has yet to host a MLB game. For that matter, a major league baseball game has never been played anywhere in Iowa.

It was supposed to happen last year, but the Coronavirus put a halt to that plan. So, plans are back on, but they are tentative plans...

"Major League Baseball today announced its tentative 2021 plans for the MLB at Field of Dreams Presented...game, featuring the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees in Dyersville, Iowa. MLB has slated the nationally broadcast game for Thursday, August 12th on FOX. Plans will remain contingent upon the status of public health next summer, and the feasibility of ticket availability will be evaluated in the months ahead." (MLB)

You'll be able to watch it on Fox.

Iowa's Field of Dreams - The Reunion and How It Is Used Today

Back in 1989, Field of Dreams, a major motion picture, was released. IT centered around an Iowa farm where a man decided to build a ballfield, hoping to...well, watch the movie. The field is still there, and still in use.

Some of these photos are from a cast reunion when it was released on DVD, and some are from the field itself (where there's actually a Ghost Team that plays and kids join in).

If you want to be closer to the action,  you can always rent the  farmhouse on the Field of Dreams property. (Rates: Per Day if you want to have access to the house AND the field: $900.00). Sadly, and not surprisingly, it's rented out all of June, July, and August.

"Spend the night in the three-bedroom Field of Dreams Farm House...As part of the package, enjoy a complimentary guided tour of the inside of the farm house to brush up on your movie trivia. Guests will also (receive a) gift basket complete with:..

  • Field of Dreams Movie Site Baseball
  • A DVD of “Field of Dreams” with a bag of cheesy popcorn
  • The book If You Build It, by actor Dwier Brown, who played John Kinsella, Ray's ghostly father, in the movie.
  • A bottle of wine and two wine glasses (Ages 21 or Older)"

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