We hear ya'! The first day of school - well, the entire first week of school, can be a bit of a labyrinth to navigate!

Thankfully, it doesn't have to be as stressful as it sometimes can be. Here are three tips to keep everybody sane during their first week back! These used to help me, and my parents.

1) Plan your clothes/outfits the night before.  It seems easy, but so many of us forget how helpful planning outfits are! Breezing through a morning is easier when choosing an outfit is eliminated from the routine. Same goes for hair too!

2) If you're packing a lunch, plan out your weekly lunches on Sunday. Better yet, take the kids to the store with you! Let them choose what they'd like to eat (within certain guidelines, of course) and have them select a meal for each day. If buying is an option, give them a "bonus/special day" by letting them choose the day they buy lunch (if it's pizza day, etc.).

3) Check in daily/nightly. Let's be honest, routines change. At the end of each day during the first week (or, when you can) check in with each kid and make sure nothing has been forgotten. Let your child tell you if their routine at school is actually different than what you assumed. Get them to describe their day and assess if any changes need to be made in regard to preparation.

Best of luck! Have a great week back everybody!

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