There's a home for sale in Kasson, Minnesota, with some pretty cool history. It was a birth house, maybe even from the very beginning.

The Q Realty Group of Keller Williams Premier Realty
EXPOSED BRICK! The Q Realty Group of Keller Williams Premier Realty

This home is just gorgeous. Four bathrooms, three bedrooms, hardwood floors, exposed brick, and it's been completely renovated. In Rochester, you'd probably be up to $500,000, but it's in the Kasson, so for just $379,000 you can buy a piece of history.

The exposed brick is one of my favorite features, but so is the maid's staircase. With four bathrooms, you can pee in a different room four days in a row!

LOOK: Kasson Home Built In 1900 Is Updated, Historic, and Even Has A Maid's Stairwell

3 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2800 square feet with a massive 4 car garage with the list price of $379,000. 

Property Description of 201 8th Avenue NW, Kasson, MN 55944 -

This is a one-of-a-kind, this gorgeous two-story home has been renovated top to bottom. Keeping true to the history of the home, much of the original charm remains. 

This home used to be a birth house and has been given a new life. You'll drool over the beautiful original floors and woodwork. 

It's super fun to see the maid stairwell that has been preserved. 

A laundry list of updates including refinished and redesigned kitchen, Flooring, Paint, Windows, and more! The backside of the lot (0.2 acres) is parceled off. The land can be purchased separately, just ask the agent.
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What Was Kasson Like In 1900?

Downtown Kasson, MN in 1900 - MNHS - Click for link
Downtown Kasson, MN in 1900 - MNHS - Click for link

That's a shot of Kasson's Main street in 1900. Looking at it you might notice how much dirt there is, and if you were about to give birth to a baby, you'd probably like a nice clean place to have it in.

Enter the Birth Home.

Birth homes were places women could go to have their babies. Not necessarily for women with no father around, but for women that wanted a clean environment, a big bathtub, and a home-like atmosphere. The bonus would be people attending you that have experience.

Giving birth at home was normal for eons. In 1900, close to 100% of babies were born in homes.

Labour childbirth - breathing exercises
Leah-Anne Thompson

But just 38 years later, home births were down to 50%. And less than 1% were home births in 1955. That trend started changing in 2004 when the number of home births jumped by 41%. (SOURCE)

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