That heatwave we endured last week ended with one of the hottest days on record. And, it was so hot, Minnesota was actually more tropical than places in the tropics!

Thankfully, the heat and humidity FINALLY lifted over the weekend-- of course, that came with several rounds of severe thunderstorms Friday and Saturday. But before that, Minnesota endured some nearly-record setting heat!

Friday, temperatures across the Land of 10,000 Lakes were well into the mid 90's, with high humidities to match. But it was the dewpoints that were nearly record-setting. Paul Douglas is a meteorologist in the Twin Cities, and he noted on his Twitter page that the high dew points Friday were just two degrees away from setting an all-time record.

He also noted that Excelsior, just west of the Twin Cities, had a dew point of 80 degrees on Friday, along with a temp of 94-- both of which created heat one would usually see in the middle of the Sahara desert, in Dubai!

Meanwhile here in Rochester, I noted that we had a temp of 92 degrees with a dewpoint of 79 degrees Friday afternoon-- which made it feel like it was 108 degrees. And, those incredibly warm temps officially made us here in southeast Minnesota more tropical than cities actually IN the tropics!

I checked the temps and dewpoints of places like Oranjestad, Auruba (temp of 86/dewpoint of 77); Managua, Nicaragua (temp of 89/dewpoint of 74); Tegucigalpa, Honduras (temp of 77/dewpoint of 74); and Christansted, U.S. Virigin Islands (temp of 84/dewpoint of 76); and we were more tropical than all of them!

Ah, Minnesota-- where it gets more tropical than the tropics in the summer, and colder than the Arctic in the winter, right?!?

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