Summer is coming! Spring is slowly heating up with each day. Birds are greeting us in the morning! We LOVE this time of year.

Personally, I'm a "fall" kinda girl. I love boots, flannel, and dark clothing - BUT I know we're not there yet (thankfully!) so it's time to prepare spring and summer looks and stick with them.

I've seen white EVERYWHERE. I feel like we've been in a rose gold fog for spring and summer looks since 2013, BUT, traditional white seems to be hot in 2018. This goes for tops, shoes, and sunglasses especially.

This is awesome, but if you're anything like me you probably spill on everything too. Or, if you live in Minnesota, you know our spring is pretty muddy at first. So how are we supposed to keep our white looks cute? I've got some tips.

  • Flesh-colored undergarments are your friend! I hear you asking, "But Val, why wouldn't we wear white undergarments under white tops?" I've got this tip for a few reasons. Firstly, flesh-colored is easily disguised. No one knows you're wearing them! Secondly, they just aren't as see through. White undergarments are pretty obvious to onlookers.
  • Lysol wipes clean in a hurry. Got a smudge on your white shoes or sunglasses? Grab a Lysol wipe on your way out the door and keep your white things clean more often in between serious cleanings.
  • The looser, the better. When it comes to white tops and pants, go a size up or be choosy about the fabric. We view spring and summer as airy and comfortable, so why not reflect that when you purchase white tops or pants? You're on trend, and comfortable - so win win!
  • Soapy water is your friend. To give white shoes the best clean, use hot and soapy water while you scrub.

Take a look at how many white things I wore this week! I still kept them clean too!

You see? White is definitely in this spring and summer. You don't have to be afraid of it though. You can still wear these looks, keep them clean, be fashionable, and be comfortable.


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