We have all gone through a breakup. Some are easier than others, but for the most part, there's one common theme -- the ending phrase. A survey found that 20 percent of people have ended a relationship over text. I mean, yeah that's the easy way out, but is it really the right way to do it? That same survey found that 12 percent of people end a relationship by ghosting their partner. At that point, breaking up over text sounds better. I asked how people in Rochester deal with breakups and how they cope with them in this post.

So how do people in Rochester deal with breakups? Here are four ways people in Rochester get over breakups.

For some people that is easier said than done. Just move on. I usually give myself 48 hours, then it's time to get your life together and find out who you are.

This is the smart thing to do. Unfollowing them means you won't accidentally come across what they are up to. But let's be real, a few months down the road, you are going to go creeping on their social media and see who their new boo is! Maybe I'm the only one who does that.

Ice cream is a good way to deal with breakups. Lots of ice cream and Netflix will make even the worst day better. This is such a true comment. Find out who you are without that person and then you are ready to move on.

This was my favorite comment. It's a Gif of a guy downing two beers. Luke Combs had it so right! "Beer Never Broke My Heart" I even had women call in and say that liquor stores make a lot of money on her when she is going through a breakup.


So these are the four ways that people in Rochester deal with breakups. Mine is a combination of all four. Hopefully, you are happily in a relationship and don't have to worry about going through these tough times right now.

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