We've seen several businesses in our area close their doors recently due to Covid-19, and one more will soon be added to the list if $4,500 isn't raised in time.

Back in April, a Go Fund Me page was set up for St. James Coffee in Rochester and their goal was to raise $8,700.  They got off to a great start with several donations but now, they need some help if they want to continue to stay open in Rochester.  In fact, they are currently about $4,500 short of their goal and they've got 8 weeks to make it happen.

According to a story that KTTC did on Monday, June 29th, St. Jaimes Coffee usually raises their funds through a few different fundraisers.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 canceled those plans, which also meant that those funds didn't come in as budgets planned.

If you've never heard of St. James Coffee, according to their Facebook page, they are the only locally owned non-profit coffee house in Rochester.  They are run by volunteers and the entire place is a great, cozy spot that has great seating, wifi, food, coffee, and is a perfect meeting spot.   I've had several meetings here and it would be sad to see another business close up shop.

I know funds are tight for many right now due to Covid-19, but if you've got a $1 to spare and are looking for a way to help someone out, here's an opportunity.  Just click here to get to their Go Fund Me Page and drop that buck.

Do you know another business or nonprofit that is struggling due to Covid-19?  Please, send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram and let me know.

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