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Used car prices have started to come down somewhat in Minnesota, but there are still some vehicles with a used price that is actually still more expensive than the price of the vehicle when it was brand new.

A year ago, used car prices skyrocketed both here in Minnesota and across the country, due to supply issues that limited the supply of new vehicles. Those shortages then caused most USED cars to sell for more than their NEW versions-- something that usually NEVER happens.

Fortunately, many of those supply chain issues have worked themselves out and the cost of used cars is starting to come down, and are now closer to what we've been used to seeing. A new iSeeCars survey said lightly used cars in Minnesota are priced 8.1 percent, or $3,701, below their new versions.

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That's a 16.6 percent shift from a year ago when used cars were 8.5 percent (or $3,574) above the price of the equivalent new cars. Overall, the average lightly used car is -5.7 percent (or $2,627) below the price of its new version here in Gopher State, iSeeCars noted.

However, iSeeCars.com says that right now, though, there ARE still several vehicles that are actually worth more USED than they are NEW here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  iSeeCars.com says that the following models here in the Bold North are worth between just over 2 percent to just under 30 percent more USED than they were new.

Keep scrolling to see which vehicles made the list. And keep scrolling to check out which classic cars made their debut on showroom floors the year you were born too.

1) Dodge Charger

Dodge To Discontinue Challenger And Charger Muscle Cars In Transition To Electric Vehicles
The price of a used Dodge Charger is averaging
29.7% or $12,818 more than new. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

2) Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Car Manufacturers Show Off Their Latest Models At Los Angeles Auto Show
A used Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is averaging 11.9% or $4,541 more than new right now. ( David McNew/Getty Images)

3) Kia Telluride

The North American International Auto In Detroit Hosts Automakers Debuting Latest Vehicles
A used Kia Telluride is currently selling for an average of 7.9% or $3,640 more than new. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

4) Toyota Sienna

The 2009 LA Auto Show Holds Press Preview
A used Toyota Sienna is selling for an average of 6.1% or $3,096 more than new. (David McNew/Getty Images)

5) Toyota Corolla

Automobile Manufacturers Debut Latest Models At The New York International Auto Show
A used Toyota Corolla is currently selling for an average of 1.6% or $377 more than new. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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