So this week I was sitting at my desk and my boss came in. I was eating peanut butter out of the jar and he thought that was the oddest thing in the world. That sparked a great question that I asked y'all, what are the oddest peanut better combinations you enjoy? I got one woman to call me on the phone and say she eats mayo and peanut butter. Here are the top five comments on our Facebook page.

Nacho chips and peanut butter was the oddest combination we saw on Facebook. I have never tired it, but I could see how that would be super good.

Who doesn't love sausage? The combination of sausage and peanut butter would be really good. Both are breakfast foods, which makes it even more acceptable to try.

Peanut butter and fish... two proteins in one meal? That sounds like the best dinner ever! Just kidding. I'm sorry friend, but I don't think I could EVER try that. But just maybe it would actually make fish sticks taste good!

Chicken Salad and peanut butter... another interesting combination. This one I actually will try! Okay maybe when I'm hungover and need something interesting, but hey at least I'll try it!

The last combo that we talked about was this one. This one packs a punch with cheese and pickles. There's a lot going on in this sandwich, which makes it super interesting with an odd combination of flavors.

So, these are the oddest combination of flavors people in our community eat. Would you try any of them? There are a few that might find its way onto my table in the next few weeks.

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