Ugly Christmas sweaters are more popular than ever. Whether you are looking for unique, funny, cute, cheap or all of the above, here are the best places in Rochester to look... 



    Home of the vest! You can find some awesome ugly Christmas vests and sweaters at Menards. Plus, this is the cheapest I've found the sweaters - $15.

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    Still my favorite place to get a Christmas sweater, because you're never going to be in the same sweater as someone else. They also have accessories to pair with your already hideous ensemble.

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    Speaking of thrift shops, Goodwill has a stellar ugly sweater section as well. Cheap, unique sweaters AND part of the proceeds always go to a good cause.



    If you're looking for fun AND cute ugly sweaters (it's a thing!), go to Target. They also have some festive leggings to pair with the sweaters, AND holiday dresses as well.

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    They have a fun assortment of ugly Christmas sweater tunics. So if you're like me, and your torso is far too long for the 1980's style women's sweaters, this is a great place to check out.

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