Leftovers make amazing lunches (or anytime dishes), but I think we all can admit that some Rochester leftovers are better than others.

According to this blog, the U.S. wastes about 30% of its food. They also explain, "That’s about $48.2 billion of food." That's crazy! As we become more aware of these facts, it's easy to understand why leftovers are becoming more and more popular. Plus, they're easy to make!

Here is where to get the best leftovers in Rochester.


  • 1

    BB's pizza

    Seriously. Order any kind of pizza they offer, and I guarantee you'll still love it later!

    Tip: Be sure to bake it in an oven to make sure it's just as crispy!

    TSM Rochester
  • 2

    A pretzel from Rooster's

    It's so big that you might have to save some of it for later. That's if it doesn't eat you first.

    TSM Rochester
  • 3

    Crooked Pint cheese curds

    I still say that these are the best cheese curds served anywhere in Rochester. Heat them in an oven, and they'll be just as crispy and good and when they were first brought to your table.

    TSM Rochester
  • 4

    Terza fried cheese balls

    Perfectly good microwaved or baked, these guys are worth savoring! Trust me.

    TSM Rochester
  • 5

    Mr. Pizza cheesy bread

    It's garlicky/buttery flavor combined with tasty cheese can be reheated via microwave or oven - and it's worth saving! It's just so good - and filling!

    TSM Rochester