Admit it - you've been down the VFW for $2.00 Miller Lite beers and some karaoke on a Saturday night before.

Okay, maybe that's a little too specific, but the night I indulged in those very things I learned a lot about how Rochester likes to have fun. Karaoke is still popular. According to IBIS World, it's a business that earns about $435 million a year.

ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp Karaoke Night with Jerrod Niemann
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When it comes to how we do karaoke in Rochester, I noted that these songs seemed to be the most popular songs of the night. I was also told that these are favorites throughout the city too.

  1. "Livin' On A Prayer" - Bon Jovi. I mean, duh - who hasn't made this their "go to" for karaoke yet? We all know it and love it.
  2. "Strawberry Wine" - Deana Carter. Most of the ladies in the house got down to this one. It's an easy song to sing too!
  3. "Love Me Tender" - Elvis Presley. Usually, a guy is singing this to his significant other. It's a sweet gesture!
  4. "Only Wanna Be With You" - Hootie & The Blowfish. I mean - c'mon. Who doesn't love this one? Who hasn't jammed to it in their college days?
  5. "Nothin' But A Good Time" - Poison. It gets the crowd pumped, and it's an easy song to sing for most ranges too! No one looks bad singing this.

Do you agree with my observations and notes? What songs would you guys add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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