I just don't get why this is so fascinating, but Reddit says it is.

I browsed the "Minnesota" section of Reddit pretty regularly because I love finding funny things that are just oh so Minnesotan.  My latest gem: a map of Minnesota that everyone was obsessing over.

This wasn't just any map of Minnesota. It was a map that highlighted Minnesota's many waterways. Look at it here.


This photo (er, Map) proves that not only does Minnesota indeed have 10,000 lakes (actually it has more), it also proves that we have a lot of rivers too! I'm not just talking about the Mississippi either.

My favorite comment on this thread: one posted by a username WildInSix, saying, "No wonder the mosquitoes are so bad!" That certainly explains it! They are the Minnesota state bird after all.

Do you have a favorite Minnesota waterway? Which one do you frequent?

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