Admit it. We've all done it. Who hasn't spent hours on Netflix before?

Netflix See What's Next Event In Rome
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My latest Netflix binge is the second season of 13 Reasons Why, which was released on Friday. The show produced a lot of controversies last year for its dark content, but I think it's an important one with a crucial message - "think about how you treat one another." Apparently, I'm not alone in this!

I asked you guys what you've been bingeing lately, and here were your answers.

  1.  13 Reasons Why: This is obvious, since it's the top streamed show in the U.S. As I mentioned, it's gaining a lot of traction right now since season two was just released.
  2.  Grey's Anatomy: Who doesn't want a dose of Dreamy or McSteamy? We love rehashing this one!
  3.  Criminal Minds: You can't get enough of it! Or, enough of Spencer Reid! (Okay maybe that's just me.
  4.  Law & Order SVU: Another classic crime show we can't get enough of!
  5.  Supernatural: Let's go monster hunting!

There you have it! Am I missing any of your favorites?

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