I'm sure I'm not the only one who is completely turned off by reviews. I just find some of them to be overly negative and not conducive to keeping a newcomer's mind open.

Sometimes it can seem like Yelp! dominates reviews. Currently, there are 155 million reviews on their site. 30 million use the mobile app monthly. It's obvious that a lot of folks rely on it.

I figured it'd be fun to compare Yelp! reviews of local spots and their accuracy. Let's take a look at how they rate our restaurants.

They say that our "Top 5" restaurants are:

1. Chester's

2. Tonic: The spicy fajita wrap is a winner!

3. Pho Chau

4. Nupa: Spicy Chicken Floretta is a winner!

5. Pescara: Those gouda hash brows tho...

Here's my opinion, I'm giving them a 40% success rate on this.

I'll be honest and begin with I've never been to Chester's (I know! I know! It's on my list). I do like Pho Chau and Nupa, but I think they're missing SO MANY MORE fantastic dining options.

The Thirsty Belgian squeaked in at #6, but it'd easily be in my top five. Also, Bleu Duck anyone? Victoria's? Terza? The Loop? Pannekoekan? There's just so many more!

TSM Rochester / Val Kleinhans
TSM Rochester / Val Kleinhans

Did Yelp! get it right?

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