Did you catch Justin Moore's show in Mankato over the weekend? Holy fun, batman!

You might remember that originally this show was scheduled to take place in November, but even thought it was rescheduled for Easter weekend the party still raged on! I also developed a serious appreciation and love for Lee Brice. What an awesome live performer!

This whole thing started with a shoe poll, to help me decided what to wear!

Thank you guys for helping me decide! See my full outfit below! Check out five things that happened at the show, ICYMI.


1. EVERYONE knew "Hard To Love" from Lee Brice.

Listen to this! Seriously incredible!


2. Lee Brice threw some awesome covers our way.

"Simple Man" and "Fat Bottomed Girls" were part of his set, and both were done really well!



TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Justin Moore was seriously so happy that so many people came to the show, that he must've shaken every hand in the front row!


4. Justin Moore did "Small Town Throwdown" solo.

No Thomas Rhett or Brantley Gilbert required!


5. Veterans were honored, and political statements were made.

Lee Brice took some time to pay a veteran a special tribute, chants of "USA! USA! USA!" echoed throughout Verizon Wireless Center, and then something interesting happened... Justin Moore stated he was happy that "who he voted for became President" because, for him, it hasn't happened in a while. Not surprising? Surprising? Interesting either way.

Hope guys had fun at the show! Check out my gallery from the show below!

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