Do you remember what you were doing during the Facebook Crash of March 2019?

Alexandru Kacso ThinkStock
Alexandru Kacso ThinkStock

Honestly, I thought the crash was my fault (I have a history of breaking things in the studio by accident).  It wasn't - I even got an email from the big wigs that said, "It's not your fault". #thankgoodness  I can't have the world hating on me for breaking Facebook.  But...I did have to get creative with my time.  ;)

What was I doing when the Facebook Crash of March 2019 happened?  I was working on doing some live videos on the Y-105FM Facebook page and my Jessica On The Radio page...which never did actually go live.  I was trying to ask parents a question about the best age to let kids go to the movie theater on their own.  There was some discussion going on about this today and I thought it would be great to get more opinions as we helped a mom out.  My phone just kept spinning as it tried to connect...over, and over, and over.

I tried my laptop, the desktop computer, and even e-mailed other people to see if the problem was just me or if this was including other people outside of the Y-105FM studio.  I was still convinced that I had broken the internet in some way.

I did find a few things to do as I waited patiently for the Facebook guru's to finish fixing our social media world where we post photos of what we eat and workout selfies.  If it crashes again, (which it could!), here are a few ideas on how you could spend your new free time:

  1. Finally, Time To Update Your Phone.  I am bad at doing those security updates right away.  Since I had a few hours to kill - I let all of my updates go through on my phone.  It is now safe.
  2. Call A Friend.  I know.  This seems so 1980's but we actually have these magical devices that can call people.  Since we can't see how they are doing or what they are eating through their Facebook page, just hit those numbers on the telephone app on your phone...and their real voice will be there.
  3. Write A Letter.  Stamp prices went up a whole couple of cents so I know this has deterred me from also writing a letter (not), but since we have time today, find a piece of paper and a pen and work on those cursive skills that you learned in 2nd grade.  If you need to find an address of a friend, don't worry, Google didn't crash today so that data is all there.
  4. Clean Out Your Inbox.  Anyone else seem to have an e-mail inbox that just gets super full?  Right now, I have 1,247 e-mails and I try to get ahead but they just keep coming.  While Facebook is down, maybe head on over to that inbox and start weeding things out...maybe even put a few of those in a spam folder.
  5. Go Hang Out On Pinterest.  This is like a collection of all of my favorite things.  Food.  Quotes.  Workouts.  Hair.  Crafty ideas.  Farmhouse Kitchens (ok, that one might just be on my board).  Since I had some extra time, I added a few new hopes and dreams to my boards today.  (I will also need to make several stops to the craft stores and hair salon to make those happen!)  If you still can't get on Facebook, go ahead and check out my boards here.

What a bonus tip?  I've got one more for you!  It's over on my Instagram Page - Jessica On The Radio. (click here to find it)

What did you end up doing during the Facebook Crash of March 2019?  I’d love to hear what you did. Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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