Sure, our cool weather lately has seemed a lot like fall lately, hasn't it? But I didn't know it was even cool enough to fool Mother Nature.

But it sure looks like that's what happening. It's only the third week of August and yet I found no fewer than six different trees whose leaves have already started turning colors! Now, I love fall as much as anyone, but do we have to rush summer out of here?

And it's not like there aren't a few hot, steamy days still ahead of us. I mean, come on, the State Fair opens this week-- that's a sure sign there pretty much HAS to be at least a couple of hot days on the way, right?

Try telling that to these trees. Why, they're already on their way to busting out some sweatshirts, lighting an apple spice-scented candle and enjoying a pumpkin spice latte.

Have you noticed any trees that have already started to change colors?  Check out the pics...



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