Christmas Day is one week away! That's crazy! I'm really glad my gift shopping is done but maybe you still have a few gifts to buy. Well then I have the perfect list for you: these are some awesome holiday gift ideas for the Minnesotans in your life. Or, I guess, anyone that lives in a cold climate.

I LOVE this lotion. Grab this for that person on your list who always has dry skin.

This blanket is perfect for anyone dealing with cold weather but especially the people in your life who are always cold!

I should really get this for myself. My hands get cold so easy, espcially when I'm outside for a long period of time. If you know someone similar, get them this box of hand warmers.

Get this mug for any Minnesotan, whether they live here currently or they've lived here in the past. They'll think this mug is hilarious.

There are a few fuzzy things on this list, like these adorable socks, because no one can have enough fuzzy things to get them through the winter!

I got this for my birthday and OH MY GOSH it's awesome. The wax is "rain scented." I'm not sure what that means but I think it smells good. You dip your hands in the melted paraffin wax, wrap your hands in plastic and the little mitts that come with this kit and you just hang out for about 15 minutes. Your hands feel so warm and you're also forced to do nothing for a while. Then you take the wax off and your hands are crazy soft!

This is just too funny to not get as a gift for a Minnesotan. We all know that Minnesotans are the only ones who play this game correctly.

You can't go wrong getting someone this cute, fuzzy scarf. It looks nice and warm, perfect for our insane Minnesota winters.

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