Have you seen the latest craze making the rounds on Facebook? Here's my attempt at it.


I've seen this latest quiz it in a couple different forms, but the main gist of it is you list off 10 either groups or solo acts you've seen, along with one you haven't. Then, your devoted Facebook friends and followers try to guess which is the act you haven't seen.

I've seen a few versions my friends have done, and it's often times been pretty tough to pick out the lone artist they haven't seen-- especially if they like head to any of the various country music festivals that take place in our neck of the woods. (Like Winstock, WeFest, Country Jam and Fest or Country On The River.)

Anyway, it seems kind of interesting, and it's Friday (which means we don't want to do any heavy lifting, do we?) so here goes.

Here are Ten Country Acts I've Seen In Concert (And One I Haven't):

10) Tim McGraw
9) Keith Urban
8) Little Big Town
7) Miranda Lambert
6) Dierks Bentley
5) Shania Twain
4) Luke Bryan
3) Brad Paisley
2) Maren Morris
1) Garth Brooks

So just which one haven't I seen in concert? Hmm... That's a toughie one, isn't it? (But, I'll tell you... Monday morning!!!!)

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