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Now that's not a title you hear every day, but wow, is it ever beautiful! Mickey Nelson of Clarks Grove, MN is about to do something amazing. He's calling it "Walking to 100." Not only is he walking 100-miles, but he's turning 100-years-old this summer. And he's doing it all to support his neighbors during these unusual times.

I know that people are struggling, either from the illness or a job loss from all the businesses shutting down. I just thought there was something I could do to help. - Mickey

Mickey is hoping that people will donate to support his efforts to help others. All the proceeds will go to the Salvation Army to supply food, emergency assistance, and relief from the pandemic to people in our area. According to the press release, the idea was inspired by a similar effort by a centenarian Englishman who walked 100 laps. But instead of laps, Mickey will walk 100 miles by the end of this summer.

Way to go, Mickey!! And happiest of birthdays to you. :)

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