It was a horrible story that happened last week righ here in Minnesota, but it looks like it has a happy ending after all!

I saw the story of how little Ella, a Dachshund/Chihuaua mix, was taken from her fenced-in yard in Minneapolis last week... during broad daylight!

The owner first thought Ella had escaped on her own, but after looking at video from his security camera, he saw someone enter the gate, try to Ella to come with him, and when that failed, just picked Ella up and walked out. (You can see that video HERE)

But, according to KSTP-TV, thanks to that video, Minneapolis police were able to identify the dog napper and tracked him down. They story said when faced with felony burglary charges, he agreed to return Ella.

So, yay! Ella's back home, safe and sound! (Though I'm wondering why the piece of crap who took her isn't STILL being charged with burglary, in addition to having to return Ella! I mean, if I robbed a bank, was caught and gave the money back, I'm guessing I'd still be charged with burglary anyway, wouldn't I?!?)

Check out the update...

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