Having spent plenty of time in southern Minnesota I've seen foxes, cows, horses, sheep, pigs, geese, and turkeys. I've even seen exotic reptiles at the RAD zoo in Owatonna. But a kangaroo? Nope. I guess I haven't been looking too hard for one because last night on Fox 9's news one Southern Minnesota man not only has kangaroos, he wants to create a kangaroo island attraction featuring them. 

Sibley County doesn't resemble the outback of Austrailia but that hasn't stopped Christian Lilienthal from owning some exotic animals like dingoes, emus, and kangaroos.

According to KMSP Fox 9 News, Lilienthal owns a company called Wild Things Zoo Attractions, and brings the animals into Minnesota classrooms and exhibits them at county fairs. Now he is looking to go bigger than that. How big? An island big.

Lilienthal told Fox 9 that he wants to buy a pair of islands on Lake Titlow in Gaylord, Minnesota and turn them into a seasonal attraction that he called a ‘Kangaroo Island’. The island would showcase his exotic animals to guests carried to the island by boat. CRAZY!

But don't count your kangaroos before they hop, or something like that, Fox 9 emailed Gaylord's Mayor and he along with several neighbors weren't in favor of the idea.

You can watch the full Fox 9 report below.

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