Duluthian Jared Jank sports a mullet and was a finalist for the "Powerball First Millionaire Of The Year" promotion. He seized the opportunity for a heart warming moment.

The 'First Millionaire of the Year' promotion has been going on for the last four years. The special drawing for the $1 million prized is televised on 'Dick Clarke's Rocking New Year's Eve With Ryan Seacrest".

This year, a man from Duluth, Minnesota was a finalist. Jared shared with us that he the Minnesota Lottery was doing a game of Pictionary on Facebook Live that include some things from New York. Jared threw out a couple of guesses and then they told Jared to message him. They then told Jared he won the grand prize from Minnesota and got a trip to New York for a chance to win.

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2023
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There were 29 finalists from 29 of the U.S. Lotteries participating in the promotion. Jared ended up representing the great state of Minnesota.

Jared brought along his girlfriend Alicia along with him on the trip. This was the first time since 2019 that finalists were able to be in person for it. It included a New York City VIP experience, a New Year's Eve gala in Times Square, and of course the $1 million drawing.

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Jared didn't win the drawing, but he got a pretty sweet story from the trip. He seized the moment and with the help from the show producers, he was able to drop down on one knee and propose.

Alicia had no idea what was happening when she heard a Morgan Wallen song start to play and then Jared asked her to dance. The producers even helped with roses and glasses of champagne. What a story!

Jared Jank
Jared Jank

Jared also sports a mullet and won the hearts of a lot of people watching. At one point producers let Jared know that his mullet was trending:

We even got the chance to talk with the newly engaged couple. Check out our podcast below and the interview starts around the 32:47 mark:

In other Powerball news, Minnesota has three unclaimed $1 million lottery tickets that you can check out here.

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