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We may not have seen many so far, but 2020 is an election year and with Rochester's primary set for August 11th (and the general election in November), MnDOT is reminding us about just where we can put those campaign signs.

Now, while many of us might want to tell one candidate or another where they can put their campaign signs (rimshot!), the Minnesota Department of Transportation has a handy reminder about just where it's legal-- and, more importantly, where it's NOT legal-- to put any sign along the roads and highways here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

According to MnDOT (and per the Minnesota Outdoor Advertising Control Act Minnesota Statutes, section 173.15) it's illegal in Minnesota to put any sign (campaign or otherwise) on these places:

  • on private land without the consent of the owner or occupant;
  • on public utility poles;
  • on trees or shrubs; and
  • by painting or drawing on rocks or natural features.

MnDOT also notes that those rules apply to the state highways in Minnesota it maintains; there are also more specific regulations regarding where you can place a campaign sign in Olmsted County (check the regulations HERE.)

And, the city of Rochester has its own regulations regarding campaign signs as well (you can check them out HERE.) The city also has another important point to consider: "In state and federal election years - including 2020 - Minnesota Statute 211B.045 governs the placement of campaign signs from 46 days before the primary until 10 days after the general election," the city website notes.

Which means, of course, after you find the proper places to put those signs during the campaign, you then have to go and pick them up AFTER the election, too-- and the state gives you 10 days to do it.

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