Many students don't try and escape school during the first week, but a Wisconsin slithering student decided to go explore the vents of the school. CNN claims that one of the biology teachers at Fond du Lac High School in Wisconsin has a snake that he brings in to show students. During the first week of classes, the snake knocked off the lid to its cage and started an adventure without a destination in sight.

The article says that the fire department was called in to help on the wild snake hunt. They have a heat sensor that they were hoping would help locate the Ball Python named Kia. I wouldn't be writing this blog if they had found her.

School officials say the snake is harmless so classes are going on as normal. They even brought in snake experts to help pinpoint her location. Once again, no luck. The experts said this species of snake is most active at night, so hopefully, she shows up soon. I'm not sure I could sit in class knowing a snake could drop from the ceiling at any moment.

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