Sometimes, things really do turn out for the best, as this happy update to a classic Minnesota animal story can attest.


Back in April, KARE-11's Boyd Huppert updated a story he did nearly 9 years ago about a Minnesota man and his pet duck. (You can read the entire story HERE.) Frank the duck rode in Joe Mansheim's truck for nearly 9 years as he made deliveries to building sites around Minnesota. (Joe adopted him as a chick from at a farm supply store.)

But, as often happens with animals, their lives don't last as long as their human counterparts, and back in April, Joe was crushed when Frank the duck suddenly passed away. (Frank even buried him in his back yard!)

But now, Boyd reports, there's joy again in Joe Mansheim's truck -- as he recently adopted another pet duck. Yes, that's right, Eddy is Joe's new duck in the truck -- his mallard best friend -- and he's picking up right where Frank left off, riding along with Joe as he makes deliveries from their store in Columbia Heights.

If you have pets, like we do, you know how much they become a part of their lives -- even if they're waterfowl. Check out the heartwarming story below...

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