Minnesota has a lot of homes that are unique with some interesting history. One home... okay, a mansion, has a lot of history and is currently up for sale. This St. Paul mansion is listed by Duddinston Group for $1.95 million dollars. The reason for such a high price... the unique features it comes with.

David Duddingston is one of the brothers that work for the real estate group that is selling the house. David and his husband Clayton have lived in the St. Paul's 7 Heather Pl. mansion for 16 years, but have decided that it is time to move on, according to City Pages.

St. Paul 7 Heather Pl. Mansion

This isn't like any old mansion! It's got a lot of character that you won't find anywhere else. There are nine bedrooms with six and a half bathrooms. There is even a three-bedroom, one-bathroom servant quarter. The total square footage of the home comes in at 9,460 square feet. The fun doesn't stop here. There is a bomb shelter, icebox wall that still works, bells and call buttons throughout the house, a gym,  a swimming pool, a wine cellar, a greenhouse and two other big selling points that you would only believe were possible in the movies. Those two selling points are a secret room and a skyway that connects the mansion to the neighbors next door.

There is a lot of history in the house with some modern spins. The building was completed in 1910 by two brothers, William and Benjamine Goodkind. They had a lot of experience when it came to architecture. Some of the amenities were added at later dates by historians, so the house could stay as close to the time period as possible. The house got the nickname the "Goodkind House," and it can be yours if you are willing to pay $1.95 million dollars for this one of a kind mansion.

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