Hold the phone (pun intended). If you were going to send that naked selfie, think again - it could cost you a pretty penny. At least, if you're a teenager in Wisconsin. One small city in Wisconsin is going to start fining teens for sending inappropriate messages.


The whole idea is to change children’s behavior, and also try to get them to make better choices in life. -Pewaukee Police Chief Timothy Heier

According to Fox News, police were at the local school as often as once a week last year investigating sexting claims. The Police Chief told Fox that "oftentimes, (the sexting) is consensual between two people, but relationships fall apart, and one of the members decides to share that photo with another person.”

They hope by fining the kids, it'll make them think twice about sending a naughty text. It's a hefty fine too. First-time offenders will be fined $439, while repeat offenders will be fined $628.

Do you think Rochester should adopt this ordinance? Would it help?

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