Hey, they got "poopy" with dog owners for a good reason!

Apparently, some Albert Lea residents aren't picking up after their dogs. They have reported repeat offenses in town especially. Check out this latest Facebook post!

Did you know that failing to pick up after your dog is actually a petty misdemeanor? Their sanitation code specifically states, "It is a petty misdemeanor for any owner of a dog or other person in charge of a dog to be upon a park or other public property with a dog and not have in his immediate possession equipment for cleaning up any defecation which may emit from such dog or to fail to clean up the defecation immediately and dispose of it in a sanitary manner." It gets even worse if you fail to pick it up within 24 hours.

Lesson: just pick up after your dog when they do their business. It's gross, I know - but it's not like they can clean up after themselves.

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