I love sharing my obsessions with you. Especially when it's a product that I know will make your life easier. While these have been around for quite a while, I still have people on a regular basis asking me about them when I wear them. I'm talking about the amazingly wonderful invention of silicone engagement/wedding bands.


I wear mine to the gym, at the softball field, on the volleyball court, and sometimes just to go out when I don't feel like wearing that expensive sapphire/diamond combo on my hand - ya know what I'm saying? All you nurses out there, you might actually be able to wear these to work (I don't know your rules). They are made of premium, hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone.

My husband is also obsessed with these rings. I don't even know where his actual ring is anymore. He just always wears the silicone band. The mechanic, electrition, or workout freak in your life will love these.

There are several different brands you can buy, but my personal favorite is the Enso rings. You can mix and match colors, and they are only $12 per band on Amazon

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