Sure, we all heard about the law legalizing Sunday liquor sales or increased fines for school bus violations, but check out all the other new laws that took effect Tuesday.

Budget Impasse Shuts Minnesota Government Down
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Yes, our Minnesota lawmakers were hard at work earlier this year up in St. Paul, devising all manner of new laws that went into effect on August 1st.

(And, as a quick aside, if we keep adding new laws to the books every year here in Minnesota, doesn't it seem like, at some point in the future, NOTHING will be allowed?!? But I digress...)

This KARE-11 story outlined some of Minnesota's new laws that could have the biggest impact on us regular citizens. (You can check the complete list of new laws at the Minnesota Legislature site.)

For instance, did you know that if you "knowingly damaging a police car, ambulance, or other public safety motor vehicle," it's now a gross misdemeanor? True story!

Or that it's now illegal in Minnesota to steal any service member's valor? You know it! "Impersonating any member of the military or veteran is now considered a misdemeanor crime," the story said. Which is a good thing! (Previously, the law apparently only applied to military officers.)

And here's one that actually makes something LEGAL: "Dental hygienists can now legally provide care outside of the clinic setting, such as schools or care facilities"? Yay! (I think!? I mean, I didn't know hygienists couldn't previously do that, but good for them now that it's legal!)

So, yeah. Minnesota's new laws for 2017. Learn 'em, live 'em, love 'em!


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