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If you'd like some warmer weather to finally arrive in Minnesota, at least there IS one benefit of the cool weather we've been experiencing so far this year.

As it turns out, while many of us would like the weather to finally warm up for good this spring here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so would the many mosquitoes that are set to breed this spring. And, the cooler spring weather we've been experience could just mean that there won't be as many of Minnesota's State Bird mosquitoes to bug us later this summer.

That's the word, anyway, from the folks over the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District  (MMCD) in Minneapolis. According to this CBS-Minnesota story, MMCD's Alex Carlson said the cooler weather could be bad news for mosquitoes in Minnesota this year, and could definitely delay their arrival in our backyards and parks this year.


Which is good news for the rest of us. Here's what Carlson told CBS-Minnesota:

Based on our predictions, we’re gonna see even fewer mosquitoes than last year, so that’s good news for people who are preparing those 4th of July picnics...

Now, lest you think those little buggers have been completely scared off by our colder spring weather so far, think again. Carlson also told CBS-Minnesota said MMCD has ALREADY found its first mosquito larva of the season, last month-- while snow was still on the ground.

However, Carlson also noted that our cool spring will likely mean we won't have to deal with those pesky buggers until late May or June this year. And who knows, it might actually be WARM in Minnesota by then. We can hope, right?

Dealing with mosquitoes is as much a part of summer in Minnesota as the State Fair, right? Speaking of the Great Minnesota Get-Together, keep scrolling to see which vendors made the most money at the State Fair last year!

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