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If you're like me, you've been impatiently waiting for Prime Day. Normally, it's held in July, but just like everything fun, it had been postponed due to the pandemic. And, up until this week, it was unclear when it was actually going to happen.

Amazon finally announced that Prime Day is going to be happening on October 13th and 14th. That's right, two full days of deals. Yay! I'm ready! Bring on the savings.

And what's even better yet - Amazon says it will invest $100 million in small business owners during its Prime Day event. Right now, each time Prime members spend $10 at select small business Amazon stores, you'll receive a $10 credit they can use on Prime Day according to Newsy.

"We’re committed to making this the most successful Prime Day ever for our small businesses and excited for Prime members worldwide to discover new ways to support local entrepreneurs." - An Amazon Exec

What else is trending today?

If you only have Facebook for the games, I have some bad news for you - several games are going to be removed by the end of this year, including Farmville. Facebook announced that it will no longer support flash games.

And lastly, what's your favorite HGTV show? There are a ton of good ones, but according to a new survey, Minnesota's favorite show is not what you think it is. This seriously blew my mind. Click here to see which show it is. 

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