Anyone who has watched the History Channel has probably seen the show "American Pickers"! Mike and Frank run around the country looking for great antique buys to add to their shop. Their original store is located in our bordering state of Iowa in a town called LeClaire.

Well, the two put out a Facebook post the other day looking for places to pick in Minnesota and Wisconsin this October. Now they are going to be picky about where they go. In the post, they say that they will not visit antique stores. They are looking for private collections to go through. If you know someone with a large, private collection, they are asking that you contact them with more details so they can determine if it is worth their time to go sift through what you have.

Let's see what kind of treasures that these two can dig up here in our state. Hopefully, I'll be writing about them picking at one of your houses soon.

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