If Carrie Underwood has anything to say about it, she and Brad Paisley won't be talking about politics much at this year's CMA Awards.

2016 CMA Awards promo

Of course, that's not because there is a lack of content in that arena. Carrie tells The Boot, "This is country music, and we have 50 years to cover. So I feel like we’ll have lots to talk about, but I think it will be more geared to just us and what we do and all these legends that we have and people that have incredible talent that we have in our genre.” So, they are definitely going for a different vibe.

While the occasional joke or two is to be expected, politics certainly will not be the focus of such a big year for country music. She explains, "We want it to feel like the 50th year. We want it to be big and be beautiful and be elegant,” she continues. “Brad says he’s going to wear a tux. We’ll see. We’ve been kind of already initially starting to talk about the tone we want to set for the awards, because it is, like I said, a special one.”

Good luck with that one Carrie! LOL. Mark your calendar for November 2nd, that's when the 50th Annual CMA Awards are going to be on ABC.