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A hotel right here in Minnesota was just given a prestigious award noting that it's the best in North America-- for the second year in a row.

Saying something is the best in any category is impressive. Like, say, being the best in any city. That's pretty good, right? Being the best in Minnesota would be even better. And being the best in the U.S. would be even better than that. But this Rochester hotel was just named the Best in all of North America... again.

Hilton Mayo Clinic Area Rochester mn
Minnesota's Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area - Google Maps

So, shout out to the Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area. It's located in Rochester, Minnesota at 110 East Center Street, near the world-famous Mayo Clinic. And, for the second year in a row, it was just named the Top Hilton Hotel in North America for its size.

According to this Yahoo Finance story which quoted the Post Bulletin's Jeff Kiger, the Hilton corporation says you can't do better than Minnesota's Med City when it comes to Hilton hotels with 500 rooms or less and named the Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic area it the winner of the 2022 Connie Award.

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2022 marks the second year the Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area won the prestigious award, having first won it last year. So, just what is a 'Connie Award,' you ask? Well, the Hilton corporate website describes the award (named for founder, Conrad Hilton) as "the highest award granted by Hilton Worldwide and showcases the 'best of the best' for each brand within the Hilton portfolio," the site said.

When you think of all the different locations in which there are Hilton hotels, that's a pretty impressive feat the Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area just pulled off for two consecutive years in a row! (The story noted there were 300 hotels in the category in which Rochester's Hilton placed first.)

Hilton Mayo Clinic Area construction
Hilton Mayo Clinic Area Under Construction - July 2018 (Google Maps)

The Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area is a fairly recent addition to the skyline in Minnesota's third largest city, having opened just four years ago, back in 2019. It contains 264 luxury rooms and stands 19 stories tall along the corner of South Broadway and East Center Street.

Before the Hilton Mayo Clinic Area was built -- Oct 2012 (Google Maps)
An Oct 2012 look back at the intersection in Rochester, Minnesota where the Hilton Mayo Clinic Area now stands. (Google Maps)

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