Our vote is yes, in this week's Whine Time!

Just for some background, it seems like well...especially since the election... Facebook has become the wild west when it comes to status updates. Or, you could say it suffers from Forest Gump Syndrome.... you never know what you're going to get!

Here's Samm and Val's thoughts on the most (typically) annoying Facebook status updates...

In short, we're just not into a few things in particular: airing dirty laundry (no one needs to see that!), TOO MANY workout selfies/posts (and yes, there is fine line!), and just plain nasty updates.


Seriously, no one needs to see those.

Are you with us on this? Can you think of most Facebook posts that just really get under your skin? Did we miss anything?

We can always go over this topic again in another edition of Whine Time! Until then, see you next Wednesday!


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