With a name like A Thousand Horses, it’s natural to assume the Southern country/rock band would have a big sound – and you’d be right.

The four core players – lead vocalist Michael Hobby, guitarists Bill Satcher and Zach Brown, and bassist Graham Deloach – are capable of raising the roof on their own, but when they augment their sound with three backing singers and a couple of extra performers, the band is downright thunderous.

Of the four key players, Satcher and Hobby were high school friends in North Carolina, where they were joined during summer breaks by Satcher’s cousin, Deloach, from Savannah, Ga. They were eventually introduced to Brown,  who joined the band as they started gigging around the South.

With their blend of rock, country, gospel and soul influences, one can argue if A Thousand Horses is a country or rock band, but it’s definitely Southern – a statement they make with the title of their current album, Southernality.


A Thousand Horses - (This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial

(This Ain't No) Drunk Dial," and get on iTunes - Southernality


A Thousand Horses - Smoke - ((LIVE))

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