It seems like we just can't catch a break this spring. First, we've had to deal with record-setting cold and snow in April, and now, just when the spring weather is back, so are the bugs.

Ticks, specifically. I know, right? How is it that just last week we were still shoveling snow and now, after our first spring-like weekend, we have to worry about ticks already?

Well, according to this story, ticks have been lying dormant in our Minnesota landscape throughout the winter, and all it takes is a spring-like week with temperatures above 40 degrees-- as our forecast finally calls for this week-- for them to come back with a vengeance.

The story says, "Ticks burrow into leaf litter and lie dormant under snow during the winter, emerging when temperatures get above 40 degrees. So, yes, you can have snow on the ground and still be bitten by a tick."

So that's great. Although, my wife and I had dinner in Minneapolis Saturday night and as we were heading up Highway-52, we noticed the first bugs of the season on the windshield, grill and headlights of our car already too. So, yeah, warm weather season-- including the bugs-- is officially finally back in Minnesota.

At least I haven't noticed Minnesota's State Bird (that'd be the mosquito, btw) around yet. And that other bastion of a Minnesota spring and summer-- the orange construction barrels signifying road construction-- isn't out either. At least, not yet, that is.

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