Bailey Zimmerman delivers a scorching take-down of romance in his Billboard Country Airplay Top 10 hit, "Fall in Love" -- but he says that the song isn't quite that simple.

"It's kind of more than that, I feel like. It's just the feeling right after she leaves, or right after she does something stupid, you feel like you never wanna fall in love again, you know? So it's more like, right in the moment, that feeling," he explains to Taste of Country Night's Evan Paul at the CMA Awards Radio Row.

Turns out, Zimmerman himself isn't quite so jaded, either. "But no, I would love to fall in love," he continues. "I want a family and stuff, so. One day, baby!"

The singer goes on to say that he didn't have anyone specific in mind while he and his collaborators were writing the song. In fact, he can't take the credit for much of its message: His co-writer Gavin Lucas wrote most of the song, with Zimmerman only contributing the second verse. Still, like anyone else, he knows how it feels to get his heart broken.

"Obviously everybody has those people in their life that have done that. But that'll be a mystery," he says.

Zimmerman has spent the last couple months of 2022 enjoying the breakout success of his EP, Leave the Light On, which arrived in mid-October. The track list includes "Fall in Love," plus fan-favorite tracks "Never Leave" and "A Rock and a Hard Place" and six more songs.

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