Scams revolving around COVID-19 are nothing new. There have been plenty since it began early in 2020.

The Better Business Bureau is warning of yet another pandemic-related scam. This scam is a bit different though in that it takes aim at small business owners. The BBB issued the warning on Wednesday (January 13th), writing that scammers are taking advantage of the new pandemic relief plan being rolled out as we speak.

So how does it work? iIt is pretty similar to other similar scams we have seen as of late. According to the BBB, scammers are reaching out to small business employees. They will do so by phone, email or on social media, posing as a different and well-known business.

From there, the scammer fills you in on a new relief package or government grant and asks that you sign up so you can get assistance for your small business. The small business owner is told they are already owed big money in an effort to create some urgency. From there, the scammers ask you to pay a process and/or delivery fee in order to get the funds.

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You guessed it: once you pay the fee, the scammer disappears! The reason this scam has been successful is likely because the scammer makes themselves seem legitimate. Also, with so much back and forth on stimulus relief packages, it can be hard to keep track of what is and isn't being offered.

As always, be wary of something that seems too good to be true and always do research before giving away personal information or paying for something over the internet.

Just so you know, there is also a stimulus check scam going around as the second round of payments rolls out. The BBB warned of the scam earlier in the month.

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