We love to boast about our being able to survive the varied weather Mother Nature throws at us, but we should be glad Minnesota didn't get the weather Colorado did earlier this week.

Sure, we had snow in April this year, a string of hot, humid 90-degree weather in May, and now various funnel clouds (you can check out the pictures of them HERE) across our area on Tuesday, but we should be pretty glad we didn't get the weather that Colorado did a few days ago.

My wife and I are heading out to spend a week in Colorado Springs on Saturday, so I've been checking the weather that's been going on out there in the Rocky Mountain state. And there has been a lot! While their weather this time of year is usually similar to ours, check out what happened in Colorado on Sunday:

They pretty much had it all-- from excessive heat and humidity, to snow in the mountains (which is fairly rare in June), plus hail and severe thunderstorms that also produced enough hail that residents there had to shovel it, plus a few funnel clouds, as well. This Weather Channel story sums it all up-- and also adds in flooding and high winds that also hit parts of Colorado.

So while we've had our share of wild weather here in Minnesota, at least we didn't get it all in one day. At least... not yet, anyway.

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