Coffee is the drink that keeps many of us going each and every day! If I didn't have coffee in my life, I would be Miss. Cranky Pants all the time. There are so many types and blends of coffee it is hard to keep up with them sometimes. Cafe Steam in Rochester is now doing monthly coffee classes, so we can become coffee experts just like all of their baristas.

I was talking with one of their baristas yesterday while he was making my coffee. I was telling him how I have always wanted to do his job for a day. He was telling me that they are going to be offering a Latte art class in the near future, but their goal right now is to offer generic classes to see how they go. Coming up on November 16th Cafe Steam is offering an Origin, Brewing, and Tasting class.

In their Facebook event, Cafe Steam says that this class is perfect for every coffee lover and requires no coffee experience. The class will be put on by the co-owner of Cafe Steam Will Forsman. He will be talking about the history of coffee, types of coffee and how to make the perfect drink. The class does take a large majority of the day. It starts at 2 pm and will finish at around 5:30 pm. Tickets are $40 a person, but it will be a fun time. It might be a fun date or even a fun girl's day.

Cafe Steam coffee art
Cafe Steam coffee art

The part that I'm most excited about... the Latte art portion. They teach you how to do cool designs like this one! Who wants to be my buddy and become a coffee expert with me?

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