Your favorite Wisconsin beer (or at least the one that gets the most attention) is now available by the case, making your beer runs over the state line to Wisconsin even shorter.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, New Glarus Brewing's Spotted Cow is now available by the case, after what was some big decision making by the leaders of the company.

When it comes to craft brews, the six-pack is the norm. Yet, the popularity of Spotted Cow and the ability to partner with local packing plants helped New Glarus launch Spotted Cow by the case, in cans! Founder and president Deb Carey told the Green Bay Press Gazette that is was a scary decision to invest in sending out Spotted Cow by the case.

"It was scary. It was a big decision. The filler cost us about $5 million. Then we had to build a building, that was like a $12 million project," said Carey. "That's a big gamble that you wonder, 'how is it going to go?' It's really taken off for us."

Now when you head to Wisconsin for your beer run, you can grab Spotted Cow by the case, hopefully making your next trip a little shorter. Or, maybe you will just by more by the case!

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