Minnesota-based Best Buy is out here making our lives so much easier plus they're helping the planet. I love both of those things so this new option is super exciting to me. If you have old appliances or old tech that you need to be hauled away, Best Buy has your back.

The fact that they'll haul away appliances is definitely a big deal because you don't want to have to move those yourself. They launched the haul away option this month, according to Bring Me the News. Plus, they make sure that the items are being disposed of properly.

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There is a fee that goes along with this of $199.99 for two large items and an unlimited number of small items. You can take a look at Best Buy's website for what they're able to haul away and what they deem a large item. This is different from the haul away option that Best Buy has had in the past where they'll haul something off for you if you're replacing it with a new item from them. In this scenario, you don't have to be purchasing anything (other than paying that $199.99 of course).

I don't have any large items that need to be hauled but honestly, I have at least one of my old phones if not two because I just don't know what to do with them. I'm not going to pay $200 to have it hauled away for me but I figured out today that small items like that you can drop off at Best Buy stores. You can drop off up to 3 electronic items per day per household and they'll make sure it's recycled properly. So I think I may need to do that soon!

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